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President / CEO / Founder

Ramina is a former investment banker with over 20 years of experience in the investment banking industry in the USA and Europe where, among other business skills, she gained invaluable business operation experience as an analyst. She is also an active philanthropist having held board positions in several not-for-profit entities. Ramina is also a corporate officer of Mira-Unity, , a transatlantic coalition of security consultants specializing in risk assessment and preparation for businesses, schools and churches internationally. She completed the basic military training as a reservist in one of the combat support regiments of the British Army. Ramina holds a BA in Business Studies and Masters degrees in Business Administration and Finance. Outside work Ramina enjoys live music, water sports, camping, hiking, travel and good food.

ralph bayless

Vice President / Marketing - NRA Certified Pistol Instructor

Ralph has solid experience in law enforcement. Working for nearly a decade as a law enforcement officer he patrolled the streets, of a mid-sized U.S. city. During this time and years following he has conducted anti-kidnapping seminars for international corporate executives as well as providing personal security for numerous entertainment and political luminaries. Regarding brick and mortar institutions, Ralph has worked in supervising security for hospitality and retail facilities. Currently he is on the Board of Supervisors for Mira-Unity, , an international coalition of security consultants specializing in risk assessment and preparation for businesses, schools and churches internationally.

Certified by the NRA as a pistol instructor, Ralph specializes in instruction for women, teens and beginner to intermediate shooters. After your class you will be much more comfortable in how to handle your firearm and how to do it safely.

Ralph is a husband and father. He enjoys golf, photography, horseback riding and shooting.

brian sanchez

Vice President / Technical Development

Brian is a former U.S. Marine Corps officer with over twenty years in the infantry, reconnaissance and intelligence fields. Brian has over six overseas deployments in countries such as Colombia, Iraq and Afghanistan. He brings a unique perspective on personal security and marksmanship. He is currently an emergency management consultant. Brian is a Board member of Veterans National Security Initiative which is a national platform that has timely responses to critical events as they relate to National Security and built a base of experts that win influence with Congress and the American Electorate.

Brian is a husband and father.  His hobbies are outdoor adventures such as backpacking, big game hunting and of course, shooting.

Shooting while on the move.

Shooting while on the move.