Stuart is currently a Director in a UK National law enforcement agency. He has a strong background in intelligence and covert operations during service with the military, intelligence agencies and law enforcement. A graduate of the Royal Military Sandhurst, Stuart has served as both a regular and reserve officer in the infantry. He has seen active military service in a variety of contexts and has recently completed two tours in Afghanistan. Stuart was educated at Oxford University where he represented the University in the annual "Varsity" rugby match.

Stuart is married with two children. When not driving his children to their sporting events he finds time to enjoy climbing, taekwondo and marathon kayaking.

jamie denker

Jamie is an Office Manager at a local shooting range where she oversees California DOJ and ATF regulations at the range. Her duties also include organizing a women's shooting group that meets six times a month where she reviews shooting tactics and introduces topics to expand the member shooting experience, knowledge and curiosity. Jamie will serve on the board of advisors focusing on new products and product development.

Jamie enjoys kayaking, hiking and being a "beach bum" in her down time.

tom clements

Tom has held CEO positions in various corporations for over thirty years. One of his CEO positions was a seven year tenure for a small arms defense contractor. He has negotiated and managed more than twelve corporate mergers and acquisitions as well as being a founding member of two start-up entities. Tom also has a military background. He served as Captain in the U.S. Army Infantry. He is an avid shooter and is keen to ensure all people handling firearms receive appropriate training. As a member of the advisory board he will serve primarily as a business mentor.

Tom is married and has one college aged son.


S.C. is a highly experienced senior security advisor with over twenty-four years of world wide military operational experience. S.C.'s career includes ten years with the United Kingdom Special Forces (UKSF) serving with the 22nd Special Air Service Regiment (22SAS). He has many years experience as a counter terrorism sniper commander, as well as a chief instructor for a UKSF sniper training cell. He is a certified patrol medic with pre-hospital trauma life support qualifications. Additionally, he is proficient in covert and overt photography, he's a certified progressive diver, military parachutist and a jungle warfare course instructor. S.C. has been an instructor of firearms training for Chicago SWAT as well as a medical trainer to security forces in various private-sector entities. He has conducted weapons trials for SERBUS, a government cyber security supplier in the U.K.

During his limited leisure time S.C. unwinds with physical fitness training, hill walking/hiking, wild life conservation, photography, game shooting, restoration carpentry and international travel.


A little classroom lesson

A little classroom lesson